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How many devices do you recommend to use?

We recommend to use 4 devices on one wheel - it is 2 devices per side.
Be aware that you will get very amazing effects with only one device.
Another idea is to mount 4 devices only on the right side of bike (right-hand traffic). It means that you will mount 2 devices on right side of wheels. With this install technique you won't disturb other road users but you will be very visible to pedestrians.

All diodes light red. What should I do?

Change the batteries. There is a hardware issue with your SD-card. Please use appropiate card.

All diodes are white. What should I do?

Device is in torch mode. Insert micro sd card or please use appropiate card.

I would like to replace SD-CARD. How to do that?

In the root directory of your new card you should create a file named 'urbanbiker' or 'easybiker'.
Content of the file is meaningless.

Software don't recognize SD-CARD. What should I do?

Check if 'urbanbiker' or 'easybiker' file exists in root directory of SD-CARD. You can create it if needed. Check the file system of the SD-CARD - it should be FAT( FAT16).

My picture is not filling whole wheel. Any advices?

Filling depends of riding speed and number of devices mounted on the wheel.
With one device wheel will be filled at speed 32km/h
If you add another device then needed speed will be divided by about half.
It means that with two devices installed, picture will fill wheel fully at speed 16km/h.

Good advice:

If you have only one device try to divide your picture to pieces, eg. every ¼ is one independent picture. Then you will get better picture representation effect. Be aware, that on any speed effect is amazing.

What is maximum riding speed?

Device is designed to be used with maximum bike speed of 40 km/h.

I have problem with device installation on my bike when I follow users manual.

In general you should install the device in a way that it stick securely to the wheel spokes. If the install method described in user's manual is not appopiate for your wheel then you should mount in a secure way so it will stick very securely to the wheel spokes. Diodes should be positioned along wheel radius.
Remember to check that the device is mounted securely before you try riding.
Make use of all mounting holes for zip-ties.

Seafety is most important!

I feel vibration after mounting the device and wheel rotates in unstable way.

There is a risk that device will push out the wheel from balance. So it is important to mount two pieces of the device in opposite sides of wheel.
To minimalize this disadvantage:
1. Mount the device nearer wheel center.
2. Remove batteries if you don't plan to use the device. I know I know...
3. Mount second the same type of device on other side of the wheel as counterweight.
4. Buy special counterweight clips from our shop.

Can I use it when it's raining?

Yes, you can. Device is proteced form rain with special chemical cover.
The device is waterproof, so it means that it will operate under the water but the batteries are not protected and can get rust so after water-riding it needs to be dried off.
The device can be cleaned with water on two conditions:
1. Batteries are taken out.
2. it will be dried fast with hot air after cleaning.
More information is provided in user's manual.

I would like to mount more than one device on one side of wheel.
How to do that?

Mount the device in a the same way as the first one but on opposite side. Just remember that magntic sensors from both devices must use the same magnet.
Align the position with software and load the picture to both devices. You are ready to go.

When choosing picture every LED lights red or green. What does it mean?

Red color means that actually selected slot on SD-CARD is empty (there is no picture there).
Green color means that actually selected slot has proper picture stored and it is ready to display.

How long batteries will last?

3 AAA batteries power the device in maximum brightness mode for 2 - 5 hours.
We recommend special rechargable batteries from our site.