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Bike wheel lights that keep You visible.

Examples of bike lights way of work
Real photos.


RBB spoke POV feature 1Create unique graphics or text on bike wheel

RBB spoke POV feature 2Easy graphics upload by using SD-card

RBB spoke POV feature 3Your bike will be visible and will fit your style

Check prices of spoke POV Read more.. about BIKE LIGHTS

Check Bike tail lights with safety lane

lasers and turn indicators.

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Make your bike visible with best available tech.

How does Bike Wheel Lights

Set of 48 (16*3 colors) LEDs
placed in line composes
a colourful image by
displaying one spatial portion
at a time in rapid succession
when the bike wheel rotates.
It's called Spoke Persistance
Of View Effect (Spoke POV).

It is great for:
- Children/Youth
- Advertisers
- Stylish cyclers

High quality rear lights!

Bike tail lights

1. High brightness
2. High quality design
3. Two laser lanes
4. Waterproof, shockproof
5. Remote control indicators