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Great children toy Fit your style.

Do You like to grandstand? Is bicycling your passion? Now, you bike could fit 100% of your style. Additionally you would be very visible and your road safety will rise. You can design and show freestyle picture eg.:

- Batman sign,
- Mary Jane,
- Biohazard,
- Atomic,
- Color swirls,
- Politics fractions signs,
- Favourite football team signs or texts,
- Country flag,
- Your company logo,
- Your name or text,
- Your mood colors,
- and anything you can imagine!

Great children toyFor Youth

Spoke POV Happy face

Enjoy your child creativity

Urban device can be used as advertisement show.

Device installed on your bike wheel and showing your own advertising text would for sure catch attention. You could design your own mark or texts on the wheel of you bike.

The idea of displaying by using POV effect is innovative so for sure you would grandstand. That's the thing in advertising, isn't it?

Great children toyYour advertise

Your text on bike wheel.

Your own text on bike wheel

Technical specification:
>> 16 Red, Green, Blue super flux leds
>> Almost 255 colors per 1 RGB led
>> 16 pictures slots with easy choosing using forward or backward buttons
>> 3 brightness steps to choose
>> Deep sleep mode(when not used it will automatically turn off and it will turn on when cycling.)
>> Easy picture uploading by using micro sd-card (included)
>> Flexible and easy mounting by using zip-ties
>> Better stability because of light construction
>> Secure hose clamp for fast battery removing
>> Special transparent chemical cover protecting before rain
>> Ruggedized construction
>> 10h contiuous work on 3xAAA (800mAh) batteries

Urban biker mounting Device mounting is simple

For mounting on wheel there are zip-ties included in box.

Urban biker lighting unit

You can adjust position of the device as you like.

Urban biker lighting unit

Assembly is very easy.

Urban biker mounted

Magnet mounting is designed to fit every possible bike.

Magnet mounting spoke pov

After these few steps the Urban Biker device is mounted.

Magnet mounting spoke pov

Bike Wheel lights customize Software is designed to be user friendly

Application features:

Spoke pov plus: Import any jpeg, bmp, ico, emf or wmf picture type
Spoke pov plus: Add text (font, size, color and position editable)
Spoke pov plus: Simulatanously load/edit/change 16 pictures
Spoke pov plus: Unlimited snumber of sd-cards can be connected
Spoke pov plus: Easy switching between sd-cards

Spoke pov plus: Draw with full color pallete
Spoke pov plus: Fill spots with any color
Spoke pov plus: Fill background as black when importing picture
Spoke pov plus: Foreground and background color picker
Spoke pov plus: Foreground/background mouse operation

Spoke pov plus: Mirror the image
Spoke pov plus: Possibility to reverse leds in software
Spoke pov plus: Adjust magnet position (picture start point)
Spoke pov plus: Adjust hub size for more accurate picture edition
Spoke pov plus: Luminescence edition (for making pictures more clean)
Spoke pov plus: Export/import into Urban Biker file format (*.dat)

This device is available!

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